Longtime business partners and corporate executives, Carli Strength and Gary Dagampat, owners of Alpha Fitness Solutions combined their respective experiences in athletics and fitness to focus on serving multiple markets within the commercial fitness equipment space.  Carli and Gary leveraged their management know-how in establishing a customer-centric company; a company focused on offering leading brand products, competitive price points, first-class service and profitable growth. In addition to their management background, both Carli and Gary are longtime athletes.

Beginning with his days as a high school football player, Carli became an avid fitness buff and sports enthusiast enjoying weight training, basketball, tennis and golf. He also enjoys devoting time to coaching youth sports, including his daughters, both volleyball players, and son, who plays basketball and baseball, in Colleyville, Texas . In addition to his personal involvement with athletics and fitness, Carli also has ownership interests in two successful gyms within the north Texas area. He is a passionate fan of the Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs and University of Texas football.

Gary played football and basketball in high school followed by captaining the men’s basketball team at Napa Valley College. He went on to  coach the men’s basketball team at Victor Valley College. Gary is ardent about fitness and sports with weight training, basketball, golf and tennis occupying his recreational time. He has a son who coaches high school basketball – and another son is a high school student athlete. Gary is a former investor of PurFit Gym. He is a fervent fan of the United States Naval Academy and USC football teams, Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers.