Who wants to see that? – Videoing Sports

Is a camera for videoing sports under your Christmas tree?

For those that are endurance athletes with a love for technology you will be familiar with the DC Rainmaker. He writes elaborate reviews on all things techy that you can use in endurance sports.

His most recent review is about the new Garmin sports cameras (VIRB and VIRB Elite) is very interesting. I always thought about getting a GoPro to video my biking or something.

So needless to say that I was about to read the review today. First I skimmed over the article and as I was doing so I stopped at the first posted video and watched it.

My initial reaction was that it is really cool to see a video of someone cycling in Paris, together with the speed power and Heartrate data. Watching it for a few minutes though it became rather boring.

Then I asked myself, who would want to see that? Why make a video of you running, cycling, skiing, lifting, etc… when no one will watch it? Yes we can put it on Youtube for the world to see, but who want to see that?

When I did my Half Ironman earlier this year it was a great experience, 5:27 of racing. If I had a camera, I probably would have taped the whole race. I would have the video and could threaten everyone with a showing of it. But just thinking about sitting down and watching miles go by for 5:27 all of sudden does not seem appealing anymore. If I would not want to see my biggest athletic accomplishment in real time, who else would want to see it?

However I can see that having a camera on the bike would be of value if you go off-road or in a critt race. Last time I wrecked on my Mountain Bike I was going 15mph and in an easy curve clipped a tree. I went over the handlebar and planted my helmet in the ground. To this day I really don’t know what happened. Why I clipped the tree? Did my front wheel skid out? Did I miss judge the corner? Was I just not seeing the tree?  Having a camera in this situation might have solved the riddle. I could go back learn from my mistake.

That being said, it does make sense to use a camera for improving your technique or post-mortem crash analysis. But in those cases it also might be better to have a camera-man that films from a different than the first person perspective.

So readers tell me, what do you think about sports cameras? Who would want to see videoing sports?

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