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Street workouts in Ukraine

Some month back I found this video on Youtube which features 4.5 minutes of street workout in Ukraine.

There are many things that I noticed in this video.

First let’s take a step into a minor geography lesson. Ukraine is a country on the eastern end of Europe. Prior to 1990 it was part of the soviet union. As many other countries that evolved from the Soviet Union it struggled with the transition from communism to a form of capitalism. The weather in Ukraine ranges from bitterly cold in the winter to warm summers. With a land mass of 233 thousand sq miles it is just a little bit (35 thousand sq miles) smaller than Texas, but with a population of 45 million the density is more than twice of that of Texas.

A friend of mine came to the US when his parents emigrated the Ukraine. While I am not sure if it was just his families culture or the companies culture I noticed the always present focus on physical fitness. Which actually went along with the positive stereotype that exists in Germany in regard to the former Soviet Union countries.

Therefore when I watched the video of the Ukrainian Street workout I was not totally surprised about the fitness of the individuals. For sure what you see is utterly impressive and you will be hard pressed to find that level of athleticism in your local neighborhood. Besides the features athletes I noticed the crowds who came to watch, some of them even athletes themselves cheering. The other thing I notice is the fact that the outdoors equipment is far from nice.

The fitness equipment looks old, beaten up, made solidly in order to survive another decade of abuse by mother nature.

You can note the same in this video especially at the one minute mark, where you will some serious heavy duty ellipticals, I think that is beyond the commercial grade we offer.

The determination of the athletes and the value of fitness is further underlined in this clip. That shows people working out in harsh conditions.

So next time you don’t feel like doing a workout, take a look at these videos and ask yourself if you should be ‘a bit more Ukrainian’.


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